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Unang una mong dapat malaman sakin, hindi ako ginawa ng ama't ina ko para lamang maging online crush mo pero lahat ng tao may free will kaya go lang. Hindi ako mayabang, pero sige i-disregard na natin yun. Mabait ako sa mabait, kinakausap ko kasi kahit sino, may lumapit nga sa aking matanda nito lang at ang sabi, "Ang gwapo mo, utoy", sabi ko, "Lola, matagal ko na po yang alam" at niyakap ko siya sa labis na katuwaan at maya maya lang, wala na ang wallet ko.

Labing walong taon na din akong namamalagi sa mundong ito, tinatapos ko lamang ang kurso kong "Dentistry" para mapasaya ko si Mama at Papa at pagkatapos nito ay magpapakatiwakal na ako, Charot. Do you have something to tell me or ask about, just click the ASK button below for more info. English yan para naman mahirapan ka. Blog ko to, walang pakielamanan. Backread ka kung gusto mo.

Enjoy the stay. :)


"People who are meant to be together will always find their way back to each other. They make take detours in life, but they’re never lost."
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Bigla lang pumasok sa isip ko. Kailan kaya ako makakapag lakad sa beach habang confident ako na may beach body talaga ako. Yung may pandesal na naka umbok sa gitnang bahagi ng katawan ko, yung may hinipang dalawang lobo sa dibdib ko, yung namamaga ang shoulder ko, yung, oooohhh, biceps, triceps, i-fleflex ko pa para sayo. Hahahahahuhu. Wala eh, yung mga kaibigan ko nakuha na nila yung gusto nilang katawan, ako, katawan ko pa to nung 1st year high school ako. Eh 3rd year college na kaya ako. Pero salamat naman kasi kahit papano may itsura ako. LOL. Hahaha


Kung wala ka ng maintindihan, kung wala ka ng makapitan, kapit ka sa akin, kumapit ka sa akin, hindi kita bibitawan…

You’ll know your special to me when I do efforts just for you. I’ll make you happy no matter how hard, I’ll comfort you no matter how awkward it might be, I’ll act silly no matter how ridiculous it would look like, I’ll tell you the sweetest words you’ll ever hear but will prove you that those aren’t just words and… I won’t give up easily. I’ll fight for you don’t worry, you won’t ever feel alone.

Anniversary na namin bukas. Yung aksidente na halos muntikan ng kunin ang buhay ko. “Sabado De Gloria” nun eh. May phobia talaga ako sa “Black Saturday”. Hahahuhu! :)

Makakagawa na akong covers next week. Thank You Lord. Throwback Cover lang muna sa ngayon. :))

Sakin na kayo mag pa check ng ngipin. Sample performance ko po. Hihi! :)))

Sakin na kayo mag pa check ng ngipin. Sample performance ko po. Hihi! :)))


Nabasa mo lang yung tfios, pakiramdam mo bookworm ka na.


17 April 2014
Dear Benok,

Dear Benok,

Maghanap ka na ng trabaho.

The End!

Joke lang. Haha. Hello, salamat sa solar hands mo na gumawa ng chibi na yun pero mas gwapo pa din ako sa chibi mo haha. Ayun, thank you sa lahat, dumadating na yung wala tayong mapagusapan kasi napagusapan na natin lahat. Haha. More bonding at ilibre mo ako sa unang sahod mo. Sana makita mo na ang iniintay mo. Wooooo! Haha! Ingat bro! Just a text away.

PS: Loadan mo na ako ng 35. Haha

Dear Jrel,

Dear Jrel,

Dahil english, challenge accepted. LOL! Haha

Hello. I always admire how you sing, you served as an inspiration to everbody.

Wait masyado madrama. Haha

Seryoso na. Salamat sa friendship, alam ko na maabot mo yang mga pangarap mo kasi you’re a worker. You strive hard in attaining and achieving something. Nandito lang kami sa tabi mo and we will be the first one na magiging proud sayo once you achieved and turn your dreams to reality. Tapos follow your schedule sa dentista, nagagalit ako sa mga makukulit at di sumusunod sa sched na ibinigay ng dentist. LOL. And continue singing and inspiring others. Let’s use this gift para maka touch ng lives. Ayun. I’m also a text away lang. We’ll see each other soon. Thank you! Ingat palagi. :)


I was really an uneasy guy, I always get into trouble, get into fights, get all the bruises and do all the run all day just because I stole something from the grocery. You can never blame me for doing this things. At home, my mother is always busy with her chitchats, my father, don’t ask. So what do you expect from a punk, stay at home and do some laundry. For christ sake.

I was walking down the street then this stupid girl not looking on the way she’s walking and bumped me. “Hey, watch where you’re going, stupid!”. She holds too many books and ran from me, maybe because of fear. I cannot blame her. Then I checked everywhere and found a book, I was about to return this to her, but she’s already gone.

I came back home and without noticing, I started reading the book. I don’t know why but I easily get attached with the book. My parents started noticing me not going out and asking me why, all I answer is “I’m busy reading” which if my friends would hear, they would tease me to death.

I don’t know why, it served as my morphine and I’m thanking that girl, I changed for the better. And now, I’m a librarian and willingly waiting for that girl to borrow some book and have the chance to thank her for what she did to my life.

Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis. Ge pre HAHA


Trust :)

All I can remember is that we were too happy as a couple by that time. Like nobody can ever go between us, but what is this space that keeps us apart? I am trying to reach out but you were distantly too far, did I miss something?

I was at the cemetery because I lost my mom. It never came to me that that will happen and time will come I will say goodbye to her. I was walking, really timid and full of melancholy when you reached your hanky and told me “You know, tears can hide your beauty from me so please, wipe those tears and smile a bit”.

We became couple, and we were very happy. We share the same stories and experiences. And you told me, you will never leave me and will just stay at my side. Somehow, you really made it easy for me to live. Until this came, and the feeling came back.

We have a dinner date scheduled and I was at our favorite cafeteria waiting for you under a brown umbrella-table set. The best food were served here that’s why we always came here for lunch. I already saw you, I waved my hi to you and I was longing for your embrace until you crossed the street, an approaching ten-wheeler truck out of nowhere crushed all the future ahead of us.

And I am here again in the cemetery, not accepting any hanky to be offered to me.


Wala namang nagbibigay ng word. Haha. Bored na ako :)

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